Fitness Club Retention – The bottom line




Research from the fitness industries leading retention organisations have resulted in one common outcome – Increase communication between staff and members!


Attrition rate: 40-60% of new members cancel their membership within a year of joining.


Get to know your members and what they want not just at the induction stage when their expectations are at the highest.  Communicate with them on a regular basis making them feel welcome and at the same time help them to achieve their goals.


Fusing Fitness has researched the researchers and developed products to make a significant impact on the results found.


Maximise member/staff interaction whilst keeping this time to a minimum to avoid delaying their tight training windows – people are busy!


Club managers are now asking their fitness teams to target the members that are losing direction. These members need to feel that the club is genuinely interested in them and want to help.


Fusing Fitness has developed the member interaction diary which enables staff to make knowledgeable interaction by referring to the last conversation.


The built in interaction flagging system ensures all members are contacted either whilst visiting your club or by email.


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